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Melodrakma Universal

A Spanish company with a Greek soul, a Greek presence on Spanish land.

Travel with Art

Madrid is our basis and our primary target is to build bridges between Greece and the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal but also bridges towards the Spanish speaking world.

In Melodrakma Universal we are engaged  in the two sections we love and know most of all: Tourism and Art.

We have the ambition to elevate a Trip to a Cultural Event and the other way round. Our leader is the Basque philosopher’s Miguel De Unamuno “Diagnosis”:

Fasicm is cured by reading, and racism by travelling

Melodrakma Universal was born in the most classic way, exactly how all the  children of the world should be born in: because of love. Love for travelling, love for Art, love for the Different Way everything can work.


The original sperm and the motive was the need for communication so that is why Grecoland was created first, a blog for friends and acquaintances, like on Cyber Village, a naif village, that looks like springing out of a Chagall’s painting, where all its “inhabitants” started knowing each other,making bonds, loving each other, travelling together and then the 8-10 days of their trip to last all the year round through solid relationships and friendships that keep welcoming and embracing new “inhabitants”.

So it was from Grecoland that Melodrakma Universal got its enterprising race and the “ Cyber Village “ possessed its own Tourist Agency, and organises its journeys around the World in a Different Way.

Meanwhile Melodrakma became a “legal entity ” for Grecoland so as to organise and produce Theatrical and Musical Performances in Greece that have links and can be “guides” to every place these artistic events can bring us.

On the first hand ,we address to people who love travelling and do not want anyone to transform this pleasure to a typical procedure. On the other hand, we  also address to those who love Art and think that Art is another way of travelling.

Melodrakma Universal

Phone: +34 647 252 458


How do we activate in the fields of Tourism and where do we differ?

A) “ I travel – I play and Learn “

We want every trip to be like an Experience of Studying in University Seminars that enlighten the History and the Culture of the country we visit and  at the same time an Experience of Joy and Touch  with the everyday life of the people.

B) “ Few , Targeted And Very Specific Trips “

Every recommendation for a trip is only for places that we practically very well know not through  a P.C. and Internet.
We do not improvise with people’s money, dreams and trust.

We believe that no one can be perfect in every field. And just because we only long for the Best, we travel only to specific destinations, only where we can make our travellers happy .

C) “ The guide – A & Ω “

We believe that in an organised trip “ in the beginning was the Man”. This is the reason why, our primary, most primary care is the choice of the guide of the tour. After 25 years of experience in this field, we very well know that an inapt Guide can destroy an excellently planned trip, work of lots of people .

D) “Like an Old Movie”

Cinematographic approach of the trip with the support/cover of a Soundtrack . A small,tiny gift accompanies the end of every trip : a CD with the soundtrack that every Moment of every day has …..

E) The “Loners” with us too

Everyone that does not like travelling with a package or an organised tour, for lots of reasons can also travel with us. Those that prefer travelling alone can consider Melodrakma as their only exception ….
Taking into consideration that only with us they can enjoy all the advantages an organised trip can offer without suffering all the cons along with the boring, in lots of cases, guided tours.

What is our Specialty :

THEMED TRIPS : Art,  History and Politics

We organise Cultural-Themed trips to Spain, Portugal and Italy! Trips undersigned by the Creator, building a Relationship with every place, not just city after city, just a series of beads for the travellers to include in their Curriculum Vitae.

Collectable trips : From the Theory to Action

We plan and we create custom–made New Destinations !

We explore the new destination you want to visit, we collect every information  needed for the trip

and write it down on a piece of paper, planning a daily realistic programme

and then, from paper to action!

Tailor Made Trip for your collection!

With unique moments that nobody could ever manage to copy, because our great advantage is HOW we do something, not just the WHERE and the WHAT we do.

After 25 years of experience in Tourism, not just sitting on a desk chair, twenty five years in streets and squares, in museums and buses… we know what it is like “ I tour “, we do not just imagine it. We know What to include and What to leave out  of our programme so that every day of the trip can contain everything that a traveller needs: an aquaintance with the novelties of the country, group visits, intense feelings along with consolidation, time for relaxation and personal moments .

3) MADRID !!!! Our high speciality because we live in this!

15 days in Madrid !!!
We can make you need two weeks in Madrid and still have this sensation and longing for “ a little more “.

We live in Madrid, we love it, we know it and we want you to discover it yourself!

(Have a close look at our programmes, the group/packages without missing Madrid of the Lone Traveller)

4) What  do we do in the section of Culture and Art ?

Every Trip transforms to Art after its end !

Every year, every trip as a source of inspiration, becomes Art :

Melodrakma Universál, sometimes as Epilogue of the journey, sometimes as Prologue organizes  Cultural Events and through them illuminate each country and makes the trip to continue after its End. Theatre, Poetry and Music from the visited country or the country we plan to visit next.

Competition and Exhibition of photos shot by the travellers.

And finally, with the announcement of each new destination, old and new friends share music and culinary moments that wakes up slowly the appetite for the coming journey.

Melodarkma Universal,

as an Epilogue of the trip through a play or poetry and music connected with the country we have visited, makes the trip keep on and on after its end.

Lastly, after the announcement of every New Destination old and new friends share Musical and Gastronomic moments that make mouths water for the next trip .


To start with ,what it is important is that we should be conscious of the fact that Travelling is not a luxury, it is both a need and an investment .

“ Fasicm is cured by reading and racism by travelling .”

We have the ambition to make East and West meet on the Bridges that Melodrakma has been building with love and thirst for the New

Greece, Spain and Portugal,
the East and the West of Europe,
Greece and Spanish speaking World of Latin America,
Greece and Philippines,
once upon a time the  only Spanish colony in Asia .

We dream to bring closer different “Realities” through Travelling and through Art.

Melodrakma Universal S.L. Organises trips having in mind that when we finish, their goodwill in the traveller’s conscience will take the place of a Work of Art.
On the other hand, it dreams that the cultural events that organises and directs, instead of offering a plain two-hour entertainment, will take the dimensions of 10-day Trip that one carries in his memory for a lifetime.

As a company that activates in a world with capitalistic market terms, we believe that the wealth should connect with Art, not just simply with  wealth, connect money with Art, not money with money.

In that sense, we have the ambition that this wealth, the big or the small MELODRAKMA UNIVERSAL S.L will generate :

a) new working posts in an era that our societies, both Greece’s and Spain’s, so desperately need  and

b) any attained wealth to automatically transform to an investment in Another Way of Travelling, an investment in Art which is another way for the Man to become a better person. This asset, ” Being a better person” is for Melodrakma   a great dream.

We invite you to trust us to let us “grow” TOGETHER, make really UNIVERSAL the message of Melodrakma that we can Create and we can Travel even in such hard times.
Travelling is not a luxury, is a need and a life investment .

We thank you your trust and we we are looking forward to seeing you with us.

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