The persistence of memory

The persistence of memory

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6 Days 5 Nights in Catalonia. 6 days and 5 nights like a dive in History, in Art, in our own life. 6 days, 5 Nights, 10 guided tours! A New Different Way of visiting Catalonia and not only Barcelona.

18 to 23 Apr. 2017

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6 Days 5 Nights in Catalonia!

Six days and five nights like a dive in History ,in Art and in our own life.

Six days and five nights in Dali’s “Couch” ! A trip with a psychoanalytical approach.

This trip is one more bridge that Melodrakma decided to build, this time a bridge between Reality and Surrealism.

We will try to enter Dali’s Sanctuary of Soul and Art . Sigmund Freud and Gala will be our “assistant” and “guide”, while “touring” we will stop at the Lives and the Achievements of Gaudi, Miro and Durutt .
2 Trips in one!!!!
We have used the classic 5-day trip to Barcelona ,the most popular in the market of Tourist Agencies, that is to say:
two transfers ,an arrival and a departure to and fro the airport ,
a tour in Barcelona,
and optional or not excursion to Girona-Figueres
and we managed to build  almost inside the same times, an itinerary that will leave the taste and the feeling of a ten (10) – day trip.
So we ended up in five (5) instead of four (4) nights.
With ten (10) instead of two (2) guided tours. Literally  ten (10)!!!
Four (4) guided tours in Barcelona.
One (1) in Girona.
One (1)at Dali’s Museum in Figueres,
One (1) at Cadaques and Port Lligat, Dali’s beloved resort and place of his creation as it was there where he kept his atelier.
One (1)  at Carcassonne in France ,the biggest and the best preserved. Castle-City of Europe.
One (1) at Besalu ,one of the most beautiful village of Catalan Autonomy.

Get a Dinner night out as a gift along with the ten (10) guided tours!!

One out of the four tours in Barcelona let it be At Night…

By night in Barcelona,to see the city in lights and end up our stroll at the Magical  Montjuic Fountains ,to enjoy one of the the first fountains of the world,made in 1929 ,performing  such a wonderful sight up to nowadays…
Water,Light and Music.
Six (6) Days and Five (5) Nights yet the feeling of One hundred and One
Painting and Questions without Answers:

“Is Honey sweeter than Blood?”

Does Infidelity work as Euthanasia to a clinically dead relationship, or as  the last Means and Hope for its Resurrection?

How much do you love when you play your mate false?

If one can forgive infidelity is it because they feel deep love or just the other way round?

How many roles do we play in our own life and how many in other people’s lives?

On planning “The Persistence of Memory : Surrealistic Soirees “ , our cardinal motive was the faith  that a trip, except for introducing you to a place, can have therapeutic virtues. We, people, get sick, lots of loads burden our souls, they turn to heaps, stress, heaviness,unbearable bulk…

And then here comes a “ Stroll in New Realities”, when through this new crevice we can accidentally  peep to something new, and it is then again that fresh air and oxygen floods our lives.

In this particular  trip, Melodrakma’s goal is to make you discover the Hidden Picture of Things, to help us find a new way of reading and interpreting things for everything  that surrounds us and for everything that happens to us.

We truly thank you for your trust.

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    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat, light jacket.
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    Αεροπορικό εισιτήριο (οικον. θέσης)
    Ταξιδιωτική Ασφάλεια (αστικής ευθύνης)
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    Tour Guide
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    Plain ticket
    Breakfast Buffet
    Transfer In/Out
    Hotel 4 Stars

Day 1

Gathering at the airport and flight to Barcelona. Arrival. Landing and off on the coach to our first tour. Political and Architectural Tour to Montjuic cemetery, one of the most elegant Cemeteries of Europe to firstly get familiar with the past of this city. A diamond tour to trace who those rich people that made today's Barcelona's "Expansion" were in the beginning of the 20th century. To discover if there is any difference between the Palace – Tomb, this last residence these people ordered long before they ordered their houses at Paseo de Gracia, Casa Mila, Casa Batlo, Casa Amatller. It is not only the city that has got its own Paseo de Gracia,but the Cemetery as well. And after we "meet" the Catalan Industrial Bourgeoisie of the early 1900s, we will walk to the Other Side of the Cemetery ,where the "popolo" is buried, the Industrial Proletariat, the Atheists and the Anarchists, and see what is left from that "Short Summer of Anarchy". After this first tour in the cemetery, we will go to the heart of the city, to Medieval Barcelona, tour in Born ,around "Santa Maria del Mar" and near Picasso's Museum. Free time for anyone who wants to visit the Museum, or have some bite. Early in the afternoon departure for Costa Brava. And after the morning visit in a cemetery, what is the most normal thing to do in a journey that wants to decode "Surrealism"? A stroll on a yacht! We will go to "Venice" of Catalonia and every little group of us will get οn the bay liner and off we go again for a fantastic life-giving ride. A beautiful moment that Melodrakma Universal has planned with care and love. Cemetery, Anarchy, Yachts, Swimming pools, Bay liners... Surrealism in Action! After this collectors' item-moment, arrival and settling in the hotel. Dinner and walking by the sea.

Day 2

Our second day, our whole second day ,is dedicated to Surrealism, to Salvador Dali and the woman of his life, the woman that guided his Art to us, Gala, his Galarina. Let's have breakfast and off we go again... Far in the background and under the daylight, we can make out Dali's rocks , the rocks where his inspiration and despair leant on: Cap de Creus It is there, in the background, where his childhood will come out, the boy in short trousers that later will be the hero in his paintings. After enjoying the scenery that has always been present in the settings of his work, we will go to his beloved village, the spot of his young years of life , the summers that obsessed his Memory, in front of the sea, where so many Visions and Additions were born. We will visit the resort where Dali invited the whole European elite of Art and Literature, Breton, Eluard, Bunuel, Picasso, Lorca... we will visit the resort Cadaques!!! A tour around the village, time for coffee, and then transfer to his hide-way atelier ,Port Lligat, the space where he used to work during the summers, a quick stop before departing for Figueres. Arrival at Figueres. Visit and guided tour in Dali's museum. Well, not exactly guided tour, let's name it "Experimental Approach". A Cadillac brings a Beethoven made of cuttlefish ink that is ready to muddle the waters in front of Saint George's eyes that kills the dragon using laser rays, the dragon that wants to eat goddess Aphrodite who is flirting with a bullfighter in a Brothel, where Abraham Lincoln as a pimp is standing at the front door asking for the fee of the carnal pleasure, dollars on the left and on the right, behind the naked body too and the naked look, dollars everywhere, we in the back, we far beyond , like a dot we are, we and whatever we did not accomplish, every defeat of our life in a surrealistic canvas. Time for lunch in Figueres and Departure for France. We arrive at Carcassonne . Like being beamed up in Middle Ages just for the night of our full of surprisesa day. Arrival. Settling in and then an amazing night stroll around the Tower Walls that are wonderfully lit in front of us. Firstly, a small tour in the Castle town and then free time for dinner,French wine and drinks in a fairytale surrounding.


Breakfast and right after guiding tour at Carcassonne. Just walking in the streets of this town is an experience. Yet, we will try to reveal every secret of it : the Castle inside the Castle, the Museum of the French Inquisition, the Cathedral where the Troubadours pray to Love ,love songs for human beings not hymns made for God , and the French Inquisitors that order general "Liquidation" of the Cathars. Once upon a time there were the Middle Ages... Free time after the tour. Chocolate and coffee aroma everywhere in Carcassonne. Back to Spain early in the afternoon. Arrival at Besalú, one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia that was the choice of the biggest part of the shooting of the film "Aroma ",based on Patrick Zuskind's novel ,due to its authentic Medieval atmosphere . Besalu ! A flavour of another era that hides its heart in a small Museum full of Miniatures of Everything . This village is a Miniature of Dreaming for some people, as if we were in a train that draws away in high speed and leaves behind our eyes everything in a miniature form, bridges, churches and centuries ..... Stroll in the village, time for coffee or visit to the Museum of Miniatures and departure for Costa Brava. Arrival at the hotel. Settling in . There is a proposal for a Surrealistic Soiree . A surprise Surrealistic Soiree ! Whoever wishes tonight can follow a Surrealistic Experience enjoying a Medieval Dinner in a setting that feels like being directed by Dali and Aldomovar at the same time.

Day 4

Breakfast . Departure for Girona , once the most important city of Jews after Jerusalem. A beautiful place with its river , Onyar , making the town and people's lives reflect on its waters as if in a dream,a dream from Dali's paintings that hide on every corner. We will browse around the side streets ,we will step Via Augusta ,that once joined Cadiz to Rome , we will stand in front of the biggest single-aisle Cathedral ,we will cross the Jewish neighbourhood, we will have ample time for some coffee break until we depart for Barcelona . Arrival. 2nd Tour in Barcelona This is one special tour out of the four we have included in Barcelona. We will go to Tibidabo, over the hill , with the Oldest Fun Fair in Spain . Trains,Planes,Water slides and Wheels that turn and turton around above the beautiful city . Let's spend our afternoon as children do ! Have your coffee next to Sagrado Corazon church overlooking Barcelona from north to south and from east to west. Far away in the background , at the feet of the Fun Fair ,there is a building that looks like a candy. It's Gaudi's “candy “. It is Gaudi's Park , Park Guell .There we go. Another visit to Gaudi's legacy to his city .What a beautiful way to end up a gorgeous day ! Arrival and settling in the hotel late in the afternoon. Your night is free as you please. We highly recommend a stroll along the Olympic Port or to Barceloneta for Aroz Meloso. Just ask for it and try it !

Day 5

The last ,full and complete day. 3rd Tour in Barcelona Panoramic .Everywhere. Plaza Espana, Montjuic Hill,Olympic Stadium,Olympic Port. Barceloneta, Plaza Cataluna, Ramplas ,Gothic Quarter,Casa Batlio,Casa Mila,Sagrada Familia,....and an incredible offer of Melodrakma!!! Guided tour in Sant Pau, a masterpiece of αrchitecture in Unesco's list of monuments . End of the 3rd guided tour . Free afternoon but later on we meet at the lobby of the hotel,early in the evening for our 4th night tour . 4th Tour in Barcelona Light,Water and Music …. we will go to the magnificent Magical Montjuic Fountains Then , whoever wishes a night inside the Walls of the Spanish Village,the wondeful Pueblo Espanol ,we can arrange it. Maybe with a farewell dinner .

Day 6

Breakfast ,time for a last walk in the city and transfer to the airport With a sense of melancholy that every farewell must have when the “meeting “ was meaningful we renew our date for the New Destinations that Melodrakma Universal is planning. Have a joyful trip back home. We thank you for your trust.

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6 Days 5 Nights in Catalonia. 6 days and 5 nights like a dive in History, in Art, in our own life. 6 days, 5 Nights, 10 guided tours! A New Different Way of visiting Catalonia and not only Barcelona.

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