The 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments

per person

Simply the Best for MADRID!

Melodrakma Universal for Individual  travellers

Simply the Best for MADRID!

We live in Madrid and we have 10 + 1 proposals for you to discover the city and to feel as if you were a native too!

Melodrakma’s services for individual travellers:

  • Services for the “snipers” of the Internet, the individual travellers, who ,even though they have their personal schedule and want to travel at their own pace, do not want to feel alone and above all, to leave without even a single tour in Madrid or Toledo, or Segovia or in Barcelona with all the nice surroundings of the Catalan capital.
  • Services  for travel agents who want to offer their individual customers the possibility of including some essential choices and tours in their schedules
  • Ability to stay in hotels in different parts of Spanish cities at great prices for individual travellers

The 10 Commandments of Melodrakma Universal S.L for Madrid and surroundings:


1st) “The Triangle of Art and Power”

Guided visit of the two great Αrt Μuseums of Madrid and then visit to the Royal Palace with the 2800 rooms decorated even by paintings of Goya:

El Prado + Reina Sofía + Royal Palace (6 hours)

(200 euros)

2nd) “Walk & Painting”
Panoramic walking tour of Madrid + 1 from the above mentioned Museums (5 hours)

(160 euros)

3rd) “Walk & Painting or Football”

Panoramic walking tour + Museum Joaquín Sorolla or the Santiago Bernabeu stadium (5 hours)

(160 euros)

4th)  “The Path of Cervantes”

Guided tour of the Barrio de las Letras, including a visit to the Trinidad monastery where the tomb of the author of Don Quixote was found + a visit to Alcalá de Henares, the birthplace of Cervantes in order to visit his home. (6 hours)

(180 euros)

5th) “Birdman”

“Flying” from Madrid’s rooftop to rooftop, overlooking the illuminated city, to some places for wine and appetizers (tapas), to some places to drink… Follow us in a very special tour-flight as Birdman Tourists in Madrid.
Fly High with Beauty and Taste. (4 hours)

(150 euros)

6th) “Discovering Segovia”

Segovia: 2 in 1: History + Gastronomy (7 hours)

(200 euros)

7th) “Praying in Toledo”

Toledo: 2 in 1: Religion + Painting (7 hours)

(200 euros)

8th) “Promenade & Show must go on”

Afternoon walking tour of Madrid + selected show. (Whatever we deem to be the best amongst what is played at theatres in Madrid, 4 hours)

(120 euros + the cost of the selected spectacle)

9th) “De Tapeo”

From tapas bar to tapas bar! A tapas tour, stopping for tapas at the best bars. We will discover  Madrid’s most beautiful bars along the way making stops for a glass of  wine with tapas and whatever  special the bar has prepared that day. We will end the evening in a Tablao for authentic Flamenco. (5 hours)

(150 euros + the cost of the selected Flamenco )

10th) “Night Watch”

Evening tour of the most and best kept secrets of Madrid  (4 hours)

(150 euros)

+ one more

11th) “Make it Yourself”

Finally ,you have the choice to design your own schedule yourself  by choosing and mixing anything  from the above proposals.

The people of Madrid say: “Whoever is in Madrid, is madrileño”

Melodrakma will make you feel madrileñas and madrileños.

Thank you for your confidence.