Al Ándalus: All Time Classic

The Arabic side of Spain

Al Ándalus: All Time Classic

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The Arabic side of Spain. Madrid-Toledo-Andalucia (Seville, Cordoba, Granada). 8 Days immersed in the Soul of Spain. 8 Days in the Sanctuary that Nourished Franco and Executed Lorca. 8 days of Beauty, Rhythm and Joy!

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Madrid Andalucia: An all Time Classic Trip!!!

Melokdrama Universal has the aim to make everyone’s journey a continuing experience even after it ends.

Due to the relationships that are born through the “curriculum” that is, if we had to name our intention to transmit essential knowledge of every land that we visit. It is this “curriculum” that creates motive and cause so that we can discover writers, painters, poets and other worthy representatives of the land that we are visiting. So on that account, this first year’s curriculum on Spain includes:

History (I,II,III)

Music (Arabs and Gypsies will touch the toes of Paco de Lucia).

Religion or Ways to Conquer.

Make and Remake of History.

Language (as Spanish is the common and native language of 21 countries).

Ways of Falling in Love,

Ways of struggling.

Ways of Resisting.

and so many other ways of getting to know a country…

8 Days of mere Cultural and Enjoyable Intensity.

8 Days immersed in the Soul of Spain.

8 Days in the Sanctuary that Nourished Franco and Executed Lorca.

Thank you for trusting us.

  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    Please arrive by 9:15 AM for a prompt departure at 9:30 AM.
  • Return Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat, light jacket.
  • Include
    Πρωινό (Μπουφέ)
    Αεροπορικό εισιτήριο (οικον. θέσης)
    Ταξιδιωτική Ασφάλεια (αστικής ευθύνης)
  • Not Included
    Tour Guide
    Travel insurance
    Plain ticket
    Breakfast Buffet
    Transfer In/Out
    Hotel 4 Stars

Day 1: Athens-Madrid

Meeting at the airport and departing for Spain’s capital. Arrival, transfer and settling in at the hotel. Free time will be available ,because it is much needed. though through guidance and suggestions from the person who knows the city’s secrets. Melokdrama has just got that. People ,who know exactly what to suggest so that the first day is full of meaning, are waiting for you. Take advantage of your free time to meet the Alternative part of Madrid, the one besides all the museums. La Latina, Chueca, but also Barrio de Salamanca, Bernabeu Stadium, Castellana, Atocha Station, the Debod Monument, Retiro Park, Plaza Cibeles, Arena, Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and so more . Only a guide of Melodrakma can enlighten you how such Beauty,History and Architecture can be crammed in a sole afternoon.

Day 2: Madrid - Cordoba - Seville

Breakfast and departure for the ‘Miss’ of southern Spain- Seville! First stop for spiritual pilgrimage-tour at Cordoba’s Mosque, one of the highlights of this trip as it is one of the top legacies of the Arabs' passage in Andalucia. Cordoba and Constantinople held the “keys” of the civilized world once. We will be arriving in Seville late in the afternoon. Night in the capital of Andalucia.all we need is a moon, the town will offer Goadalquivir, and a busker will offer his quitar and that is how an Everlasting Night Memory in Seville will be emerged.

Day 3: Seville

Besides being beautiful and erotic , Seville is also a contradicting city! A southern city, poor, folk ,just a land where the only wealth its children had were their own hands...yet holding a leading role in Opera... Carmen builds her castle of Freedom there, in Seville's Tobacco factory. The Barber is from Seville, neither from Granada, nor from Cordoba. Don Giovanni, or Don Juan as he is known in all women’s fantasies , is here in Seville where the sperm of his Myth lies, of this heartbreaker whom Mozart synthesized as an Opera lots of  years later. On our morning tour we will firstly visit the great works of art that were created for the Expo Exhibition in 1929. We will see pavilions of former colonies, we will also see The Square of America, we will visit the famous and probably the most beautiful square in the whole country, the Square of Spain of Seville. Later we will move towards the old-older city, to the Historic Centre to find Santa Cruz ,an erotic labyrinth with Patios-shelters, where every interior courtyard is a gem. We will also see the Cathedral Temple, the third largest in the world and we will end our tour with a visit to the Alcazar, the Royal Palace of the city which besides its similarity, it stands with such confidence in front of Alhambra's ripping beauty. At night: Flamenco: A Way to Fall in Love

Day 4: Seville - Ronda - Granada

Breakfast and departure for Granada ,crossing the great Pueblos Blancos, the White Villages of Andalucia. We will stop at the most beautiful of all , Ronda. It is built on the edge of a spectacular canyon. There ,we will see the oldest arena of Spain and we will wander in the narrow streets that inspired the Romantic poets as well as Hemmingway in  his novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. We will have free time for coffee and then departure for Granada. Arrival. One day and one night, One all in all in Granada…let's make the most of every second . Alhambra, Lorca, Sierra Nevada, Gypsies, Sweat, Snow, Bride, Yerma, Mother, Blood Wedding, Aisha, Isabella, Boabdil, Fernando, Blood Wedding, Blood Wedding, Blood Wedding, Night α way for us to grow... We have arrived early in the afternoon and we have the chance to tour the lower part of the Old City,far from the hills , around the Cathedral among the Arabic souks ,the narrow streets in the open market along the Gran Via… Time for lunch, three beers and your stomach feels bloated  from the dishes that accompany them. They are very generous with their Tapas in Granada. Some time is left for coffee and then arrival at the hotel in the afternoon. Tomorrow, we will visit the Queen of Granda ,the Hill of Alhambra, but Granada has also more hills.The Hill of Albaizin and the hill of the gypsies, Sacromonte. The only night in Granada calls for a night out . Lorca's city reveals lots of its secrets only at night … The night of Granada is as if  Yerma gave birth to Bernarda Alba after a Blood Wedding. Melokdrama’s guide will show you the “revolutionary road” to this unique night.

Day 5: Granada - Madrid

Today after having breakfast we will be taken to the Last Fortress of Islam on the Iberian Peninsula. Alcazaba, Carlos V’s Palace, the Ambassador’s Hall, the Harem with the 12 tribes of Israel .... Summer and Winter Palaces along with the magical Generalife Garden, gardens that were once of leisure and relaxation,being today a unique place for taking photographs. “With Fire and a Knife the world proceeds” From the Forts of Alcazaba, we overlook Spain The years look like dots…. 500 years ago, in 1492, and from then back ,800 years more backwards, our look now in 711……and even further back where the eye blurs, in 570, the year the Prophet was born The one who brought The Message of a new god: “This world will never change”. Arrival in Madrid. Settle in, stay overnight.

Day 6: Excursion to Toledo

Breakfast and departure for a unique city: Toledo. We will climb high onto the Holly Rock today that was once the capital of an Empire. We have a lot to see and talk about here. We will walk on El Greco’s Hill, under the Lower level of every of his paintings , from Reality, to the Top level, to Fantasy, his and our own fantasy, the only way to rebuild the Dark Ages with the Spanish Inquisition holding onto its hands Art and Education and Life but also an Age which was named Golden for Spain, with Cervantes, Lope de Vega, El Greco… Contradictory times! We will walk all around the old city and we will visit the Cathedral that besides being the most important in the country, it is also an amazing Art Gallery exhibiting pieces by Tiziano, El Greco, Velazquez, Rafael, Caravaggio, Goya… And then, we will visit the church of Saint Thomas, just for one piece of art,yet a  unique masterpiece : The Burial of Count Orgaz, by Doménikos Theotokópoulos, El Greco. We will return to Madrid late in the afternoon and you will have free time to “feel” the capital in  any way you wish.

Day 7: In Madrid

Breakfast and departure for The Prado Museum. A tour to the masterpieces of maybe the most important Art Gallery worldwide. We will stand amongst the Great painters like El Greco, Rubens, Velasquez, Rembrandt, Jeronimo Boss, Goya, Tiziano and many more... We will focus mainly on 3: on Greco, and we will see how he Revives the Hope that everything can be said in a New and Unique Way even under the Totalitarian Religious Regime. on Velasquez, so that we can see him Crucifying Peacefully, without attempting to transfuse Guilt upon the viewer and later opening a Crevice in Time and adding a New Dimension on his “Meninas” and finally we will focus on Goya, to see how on his “2nd of May 1808” he rebels and as a risky war correspondent he sends us his correspondence, telling us about the fate of the rebels on his “3rd of May 1808”, the Execution... And when the ‘visit’ of History and Art History is over ,we will go to Barrio De Las Letras, the district where painters, poets and litterateurs lived and live.The place where Cervantes, Lope De Vega, Ramon del Valle-Inclan, Miguel Hernandez,and Lorka ,like all poets of the world ,have been carrying their People on their backs.As Aeneas once his Father . The tour will finish at Santa Ana square, symbolically in front of Lorca’s statue. In the afternoon free time. Free time for walking around or shopping or since we are so close to the old Castilian Capital, Segovia, you must not miss the chance of visiting Isabella's fairytale castle and the extraordinary gastronomical temptations of this amazing city. After 25 years of experience, we are certain that this is the ideal way to end up one’s passage through this Spain.

Day 8

Breakfast first and depending on the flight a last quick or long stroll in Madrid is a must so that the images and thoughts of an intense week will be put in order. Melodrakma Universal thanks you and reminds you that travelling should have only one goal : to add Experience in life instead of just processing another trip. Everything here is done with Love and Care.

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The Arabic side of Spain. Madrid-Toledo-Andalucia (Seville, Cordoba, Granada). 8 Days immersed in the Soul of Spain. 8 Days in the Sanctuary that Nourished Franco and Executed Lorca. 8 days of Beauty, Rhythm and Joy!

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